During the latest recording of “Invincible Youth 2″, the idols of G8 became grandchildren for the local village’s elderly members. In this episode, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and SiSTAR’s Bora became partners, and cooked for one of the grandmothers of the village.

At their first meeting, Sunny introduced herself by asking the grandmother to choose between calling her “Sunny” or “Soonkyu”. The moment Sunny finished her sentence, the grandmother yelled out “Soonkyu!”, showing that Sunny’s reputation from the “Invincible Youth”‘s first season has carried over. In fact, the other elderly members of the village have been calling Sunny “Soonkyu” since the start of the program.

This episode of “Invincible Youth 2″ will be aired this Saturday, February 4th.

Source: KBS Office
Written by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: minigiglo@soshified